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Dedicated to people who love wine

Making wine is in our blood.

Born and raised in Germany's finest vineyards along the Rhine River, the Heeb family boasts a history which includes over two hundred years of family tradition in the making of premium wines.

After a hiatus from the enduring lure of the grape, Guenther Heeb, winemaker, has returned to doing what he loves best…creating fine wines for all to enjoy.

As the millennium dawned, so did his desire to return to his family's craft. To fulfill that dream, the Phoenix Winery and Vineyards was established.

The goal being to continue that tradition of creating some of the finest wines Missouri has to offer.

The Phoenix Winery and Vineyards is proud of its growing selection of natural wines produced in the old fashioned method, as they are still produced in many fine wine cellars of Europe.



The St. Aubert Connection

Dear loyal and valued Customer.

In reasoned months you noticed a change in  our label as it reads now:   St Aubert Hill Vineyard  dba/ Phoenix Winery.

St. Aubert Hills Wines!
    St. Aubert Hills Vineyards began growing grapes in the spring of 2007.  Nestled in the rolling hills of Osage County just south of the Missouri River, the relative higher elevation and abundant sunshine provide an excellent environment to grow a variety of grapes, including several French hybrid likes Chardonel, Vidal and Chambourcin.   St. Aubert Hills also grows the “native” Norton grape, a favorite of Missouri wine lovers everywhere.
    In 2010, St. Aubert Hills Vineyards teamed with Phoenix Winery of Owensville, Missouri, and began producing a number of premium wines from the grapes grown in Osage County and those grown by Phoenix Winery.   Guenther Heeb, a native of Germany, serves as the wine maker for Phoenix Winery.  

The experience and tradition that Guenther brings to St. Aubert Hills wines is evident in the rich bouquet of our wines. 


St. Aubert Hills takes pride in the way we grow our grapes.  We strive to use only natural fertilizers and refrain from using harsh chemicals.  Each vine is hand trimmed and much effort is made to give each vine individual treatment.  No commercial pickers or machinery is used, only human touch and care is utilized, the way grapes were grown centuries ago by our forefathers.
    We hope that you enjoy your wine “experience” each time you open a bottle of our wine.   Sit back, pop a cork and taste wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed – naturally and without the pretense of the big, “over-commercialized” wineries that have sprung up recently.   St. Aubert Hills wines will leave you with a taste of Osage County each time you enjoy it, a taste we know you will look forward to experiencing over and over!
        Robert D. Schollmeyer, Manager and Owner
        St. Aubert Hills Vineyard LLC dba Phoenix Winery